Zac BonDurant Photography

A photograph can effectively communicate a multitude of emotions and tell a million stories. This is Zac BonDurant’s favorite part if being a photographer. Zac has always enjoyed looking at sports magazines and admiring the work of the photographers, quite often more than the article itself. It wasn’t until a camera was placed in his hands in high school and told to go take photos of whatever he wanted did he realize that this was his passion. Zac’s efforts immediately went into shooting high school football and learning as much as he could about the process.

He was fortunate enough, with his determination, to connect with Dirt Rider Magazine to cover amateur racing, iron man racing, AMA Pro motocross events, and Endurocross for the website and magazine.  He learned a lot about the profession and made the most out of every opportunity. After completing college he became more involved in shooting Arizona State University hockey and started building up his business.

Currently Zac covers Baseball, Softball, Football, Men and Women’s basketball,  NCAA Wrestling, Hockey, Auto Racing, Soccer, Music Festivals, Gymnastics, Golf, and Editorial assignments for House of Sparky, ICON Sportswire, local newspapers, and NCAA teams visiting Phoenix, Tempe, and Tucson.

Zac’s professionalism and drive has propelled him to make opportunities come to fruition and find ways to continuously grow and enjoy the process of being a sports photographer. Please connect with him at or at (909) 967-4479.

Client List:

Northwestern Softball: 2022 Tempe Super Regionals

UC Fullerton Softball: 2022 Tempe Regionals

UC Santa Barbara Baseball: 2021 Tucson Regionals

Little Rock Wrestling: PAC12 Championships

East Tennessee Triathlon: NCAA Triathlon Championships

AIC Triathlon: NCAA Triathlon Championships

Wingate Triathlon: NCAA Triathlon Championships

Queens University Triathlon: NCAA Triathlon Championships

UMass Lowell Hockey: Opening weekend

Boise State Gymnastics

Cal Softball

Utah Tech Baseball: Opening Weekend

Illinois State Softball

Binghamton Softball

Long Beach State Soccer

Santa Clara Volleyball

CSU Bakersfield Volleyball

University of Arizona Golf